Hard Drive cloning

Don't lose your information in a bad practice

If your drive is in good condition, but you simply need more space or want to take advantage of the performance boost from an SSD drive, a hard drive clone is your best option. This service makes an identical copy of your current drive (operating system, programs and data). Your original system will then boot to the new bigger and/or faster drive with all programs and data exactly as they were previously..

Establishing a new design language & standards

We start by removing the original drive from the unit. Using our error-correcting cloning software, we copy all data from the original drive to the new drive - error correction ensures data is copied accurately from one drive to another but it does not correct software or operating system issues on the original drive. Next we reinstall the new drive in the system and confirm that the system performs as expected. The original drive can be reinstalled in the system as a secondary drive if the configuration allows (typical with desktop systems).


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